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Child and adolescent mental health

Resources for professionals

An interactive story and learning tool to help young people address mental health stigma and discrimination. The aim of The Kid and I is to enable teachers and youth leaders to work with and engage pupils and young people with the topic of mental health and mental health problems. The Kid and I also looks at ways of reducing stigma and discrimination that often surround mental health and mental health problems. The Kid and I is designed to be played by Secondary aged pupils and young people. It is suitable to be shown and played in class and in a youth group setting.

A self-assessment and improvement tool for school leaders. The framework is broken down into four stages, which are: Stage 1: Deciding to act and identifying what is in place already; Stage 2: Getting a shared understanding and commitment to change and development; Stage 3: Building relationships and developing practices; Stage 4: Implementation and evaluation

This Canadian handbook has been designed to help primary or secondary school teachers understand and implement ways to help children with behaviour problems that are due to common mental disorders. It is made up of eight sections: anxiety disorders; autism; depression; eating disorders; impulse control disorders; schizophrenia; Tourette Syndrome; and resources.

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