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Child and adolescent mental health

Mental health conditions in childhood

This area of the website is under development. Links will become live as information is added. Those that are live are in bold.

Anxiety disorders
Conduct disorderts, ODD
Conduct disorders
Eating disorders, anorexia
Eating disorders
Attachment disorders, RAD
Attachment disorders
OCD hand washing
Image by Tim Mossholder
Body dysmorphic
Developmental trauma
Developmental trauma disorder
Psychosis - psychotic
Psychotic disorders
ambulance following trauna

Mental health issues

Panic attacks
Image by Scott Webb
Dissociation, dissociate
Self-harm, cuting
Drugs and alcohol
Suicide ideation
Suicidal thoughts

Neurodevelopmental disorders

The neurodevelopmental disorders below are NOT mental health conditions. They are included on this page because they are typically diagnosed and treated by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services as they do not fit into any other service. Also, comorbid mental health conditions are common in these children.

Autistic spectrum disorders, ASD, autism, Asperger syndrome
Autistic spectrum disorders


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For young people struggling with their mental health, getting help can be hard. Long waiting times, strict criteria for access, and real uncertainty once you turn 18 are just some of the obstacles you can face in a system massively failing to meet the level of need.


The Government has recently unveiled a bold and ambitious set of reforms which they promise will transform the way that we approach children and young people’s mental health in this country. But does it stack up? First broadcast 4th February 2019,


Young people in Manchester talk about how mental health affects them and why things need to change.

Find free local counselling services

Yoouth Access.png

Youth Access is the national membership organisation for young people's information, advice and counselling services (YIACS). They have an online database of membership organisations you can search to find free and confidential counselling, advice or information services for young people. You can search the database by entering your town or first part of your postcode in the box provided.  

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