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This page was last updated: 24th June 2020

Books for children and young people - coronavirus

Axel Scheffler coronavirus.jpg

Some more pictures about coronavirus from Alex Scheffler and Julia Donaldson:

The Gruffalo, Stick Man and Smeds and Smoos social distance


How are the book characters finding lockdown?

Click on the book cover to download a free copy of a book about coronavirus, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler (who wrote and drew the Gruffalo).

Picture books

Topics of germs and the importance of hand washing are not always easy for children to understand. BooksForTopics founder Alison Leach has picked out five books that help to address these concepts with children.

Germs are not for sharing BB.jpg

A simple but very effective guide for younger children, covering good personal hygiene habits to help prevent the spread of germs. The book covers what to do after you sneeze, cough, blow your nose, drop food on the floor and use the toilet. With cartoon-like illustrations and a repeated refrain of 'germs are not for sharing', Board book (paperback version only available secondhand).

Wash hands.webp

The Little Princess doesn't want to wash her hands - not after playing outside, not after using her potty and not after sneezing! But when she hears about 'germs and nasties' from the family maid, the Little Princess begins to think that there might be something even worse waiting for her if she doesn't head towards soap and water soon... A useful picture book for discussing the when and why of handwashing.

What are germs.webp

An interactive lift-the-flap series, exploring the topic of germs through bite-sized question-and-answer chunks. Written with advice from Public Health England, it's an attractive book that is useful for addressing queries, 'just-wonderings' and misconceptions about germs. By learning what germs are, where they live and how they behave, young readers can also learn how to prevent germs from spreading between people and the book includes top tips about staying healthy and hygienic. (Currently only available from eBay.)

Lovereading4kids have gathered together a collection of books that might help relieve some of the negative feelings and help our children find ways to cope, through mindfulness exercises and gentle storytelling.


Ruby’s a perfectly happy little girl, until she discovers a worry. The worry – depicted as a scribbly yellow shape – is hardly noticeable at first, but starts to grow and soon it’s with her all the time, stopping her from doing the things she loves. Readers will recognise Ruby’s problems and see their own lives reflected in hers. Sensitive and very reassuring this clever book raises lots of opportunities for children to talk about their worries. 


Visualises how a child’s anxieties can grow and how they can learn to deal with them. The Worrysaurus is a lovable little dinosaur but he is a natural worrier finding it difficult to switch off and live in the moment. It's a reassuring and sweet story but it's also a useful resource to help prompt discussions about anxiety with very young children.

Problem with problems.jpg

Have you ever met a Problem? They come in all shapes and sizes, and can pop up at the most inconvenient times. But you should know some things about them that will help you make them disappear…
This one-of-a-kind picture book will help little ones and grown-ups alike deal with their pesky problems.

Other picture books that might be helpful to help children cope with their fears and worries include:

Worry monsters.jpg

Join these bunch of Worry Monsters in this hilarious tale about the monsters that swallow up your biggest worries! When Frettie Fluster, the Worry Monster expert, realises she cannot find one of the monsters, she starts to worry... Discover the adventures of these Worry Monsters and encourage your child to talk openly about all of their worries! 

How are you feeling.jpg

A great dip-in book where children can choose a feeling that relates to them and then turn to the page that provides child-friendly strategies for dealing with that feeling. Helpful parent notes at the back of the book provide more ideas for parents to use with their child and other strategies to try out together and practice the all important skill of dealing with feelings.

Great big book of feeliongd.jpg

The Great Big Book of Feelings allows children to explore how they’re feeling in a safe and judgement free environment. Featuring funny artwork and wonderfully sensitive and accessible text this book celebrates each emotion for what it is and encourages children to discuss how they’re feeling instead of bottling it all up.

When my worries.jpg

Engaging and easy to read, this illustrated children s book is filled with opportunities for children to participate in developing their own self-calming strategies. Children who use the simple strategies in this charming book, illustrated by the author, will find themselves relaxed and ready to focus on work or play!

Do not lick.webp

A humorous and interactive picture book that explains what microbes are, with images that demonstrate how easy it is for you to pick up and transfer germs when you touch different objects with your fingers. Touch the book to 'pick up' Min the Microbe (actually an E-Coli) and imagine transferring her to your teeth, clothes and belly button, while picking up a host of other tiny microbe friends along the way. Readers see each new location for the germs in fascinating zoomed-in photos.


A soothing journey through the glittering constellations of the night sky woven with tried-and-tested sleep exercises. Written by Jessamy Hibberd and Claire Grace, it provides a wealth of scientific and mythological facts about the stars which tie in with relaxing yoga and breathing exercises to help young children prepare for bedtime.

Huge bag.jpg

Wherever Jenny goes, her worries follow her - in a big blue bag. They are with her all the time - at school, at home, when she is watching TV and even in the bathroom! Jenny decides they have to go, but who will help her get rid of them? A funny and reassuring look at dealing with worries and anxiety, to be used as a spring board into important conversations with your child.

Books for children (7+)

Books for older children (7+)


This book helps children aged 7-11 to learn about the science of bacteria, viruses and microbes. The book is packed with information, diagrams and photographs covering different areas of microbiology in a child-friendly way, including how germs behave, why microbes are important, how viral infections spread and how our bodies fight viruses. 

When worry takes hold.png

his book tells the story of a girl called Maya who learns to cope with feelings of worry. Helps children approach their anxieties in a mindful way and understand how they can change their thought patterns in a positive way. (Age 8-12)

No worries.jpg

An interactive self-care activity book for children aged 7+ to colour and doodle their way to happiness, calm and confidence. The encouraging and simple activities and exercises tackle anxiety, sadness and stress; children will enjoy using their creativity to combat negative feelings, work out why they feel worried and how to put stress back in its place through writing, colouring, doodling and drawing.

Don't worry.jpg

This practical guide combines proven cognitive-behavioural therapy methods used by child psychologists in schools with simple activities to help your child to overcome anxiety. It’s aimed at children aged 7–11 because a lot happens in these years that can impact a child’s emotional well-being, not just now but for years to come. You will be guided, with the help of Fiz – a friendly and supportive character they can identify with – through fun and engaging activities 

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